What is His Greenhouse all about?

It is not:

• A Bible study.

We will study the Bible, but His Greenhouse involves many different kinds of learning experiences in different contexts, combining learning and doing in both individual and team contexts.

It is not:

• An academic series of lectures.

His Greenhouse is for normal people, not just those who did well at school.

It is not:

• A miniature ConneXions.

It less rigorous than ConneXions. ConneXions is a full-time commitment for 11 strenuous months. His Greenhouse is for people with jobs and families, etc.

It also has a different purpose. The purpose of ConneXions is to intensively build individual leaders (in the context of the community); the purpose of His Greenhouse is to nurture the life of the church community (through working with individuals).

It is:

• A spiritual greenhouse: a nurturing transformational environment.

It is:

• A practical learning experience that will develop your:

o Personal relationship with Christ.
o Understanding and experience of New Testament church life.
o Character.
o Awareness of your personal calling.
o Ministry competencies.

His Greenhouse is a series of Learning Experiences.

There will be:

• Times with God – individual and group.
• Interactive teachings.
• Creative team interactions.
• One-on-one accountability.
• Practical ministry assignments.
• Some study and reflection.

Here is our agenda in His Greenhouse.

There will not be:

• A lot of books to read. (There will be some books and tapes, but not many.)

• Long papers to write. (Short reflections only.)

His Greenhouse consists of:

• One Saturday (all-day) meeting every 5 or 6 weeks. Child care will be provided.

• Individual and team projects to be done in your own time between meetings.

When: Here are the first three dates for the Saturday meetings:

Phase One begins April 19 (with an evening orientation on April 18).
Phase Two begins May 24.
Phase Three begins June 28.
You must come to all of them. There will be more after these.

Cost: there is no charge, except the cost of materials you will use. Don't let even this stop you; if you can’t afford this we’ll make it possible for you.